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Morrissey Staging Site
The Lookout Man

Morrissey Staging site is a joint venture with the GFATV Club and the City of Grand Forks. Built in 2014 with funds provided by many partners this site is extensively used by many in the spring. The southern facing slopes lose their snow cover by late February and many shared users come out to hike, bike and ride on the trails.

The desire to go off the trails is very tempting for many, but with help from Ministry of Lands, Forests and Natural Resources and a strong education program most users stay on the trails respecting the many wildlife species and the environment.

The Lookout Man

In the early years of the forestry industry, many acres of trees where destroyed by fire. The lookout man was placed on top of a mountain with charts, a radio phone and a pair of binoculars, and he was the first spotter for fires caused by lightning, logging or campers. It was his job to report as accurately as possible where there was a fire.

Lookouts were placed on top of mountains such as Morrissey Lookout, Rhoderick Duh, Blue Joint and Bunch Grass in an effort to get a head start on fires. These brave individuals spent many lonely days and nights on top of the mountains all while protecting our forests and enduring visits by grizzly bears and other wild animals. They were a special breed of forester, some nights lightning would be flashing all around them.

When airplanes became more common, many of the lookouts were closed and the need for these men was reduced. The lookouts atop Bluejoint and Rhoderick Duh are still there and they are great places to ride to and explore.


Forest Management Bench sign (coming soon)

Bluejoint Bench

Forest Management Bench

Franklin Camp Bench

Grand Forks Bench located at the Grand Forks lookout site

Loggers from the Past Bench

Lost Lake Bench

Memhal’s bench located at Gilpin Staging site

Mountains of Slag Bench located at the Smelter lookout it has information about the smelter and views of the smelter site and slag heaps.