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Our Maintenance section aims to help our volunteers track maintenance needed and recently done on the trails.

Each of the following maintenance areas have a “Site Maintenance Report” form, a “Trails Maintenance Report Form|” and “Sites and Trails Maintenance Instructions” sheets to be printed and taken with you when you go out to do maintenance. Please also take photos to document the work done.

When you have finished your trip please scan your maintenance report forms and send them along with your photos to

Burrell Loops

Includes the 28 Mile, Bluejoint and Ste Anne’s Meadow recreation sites and the trails below:

  • Franklin to Gloucester
  • Knappen Loop
  • Burrell to Gloucester, McKinley, Franklin, West Burrell
  • Savage to Howe Creek from East

The general area is shaded in blue-green on the map below …

Gable-Granby Loops

Includes 28 Mile, Gable, Eight-Mile Flats and Howe Creek recreation locations. The trails include:

  • Gable Loop
  • Gable link Boulder
  • Boulder Traverse Loop
  • Howe to Savage from west

The general area is shaded in orange on the map below …

Northern Loops

Located north and east of the Burrell Loops, the maintenance area includes:

  • Deadeye – Atta Fire Trail
  • TBone – 17 mile Loop
  • Burrell to Edgewood
  • Edgewood to Johnson Landing
  • Jump to Johnson Landing
  • Knappen, Deadeye, St Ann’s, Charity, Renata.
  • Deadeye to Renata, Worthington, back Atta.
  • Burrell -McFarlane Loop

The general area is shaded pink on the map below. Click the image for a larger view.

Maintenance areas-map-north-fork-loops-3areas

Trails to the West

  • Coalshute to Rathmulen, to BC Mines, Fisherman Loop
  • Goat MT to Pass Creek Cabin
  • Williamson Lake

Trails to the East

The GFATV Trails to the East maintenance area includes

  • Cascade West to Castlegar
  • Cascade West to Green Tunnel
  • Santa Rosa to Italy Creek Micro tower
  • Paulson Bypass to Renata

Highway 3

The Highway3 maintenance area includes the Morrissey Creek Road, Gilpin Grasslands and Stewart Creek Road   sites as well as the following trails and areas:

  • Gilpin Loop
  • Morrissey Stewart Loop
  • Bear Creek Canyon
  • Morrissey Lookout
  • Grand Forks Lookout

This area is covered by the Morrissey map

Cascade West to Fife Station

The Cascade West to Fife maintenance stewardship area includes Cascade West, Santa Rosa Road and Fife Station locations and trail.