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March 2016 Newsletter

     GFATV Club Projects & Events Committee

gfatv Well March came in like a lion, here’s hoping it goes out like a lamb!

Upcoming Events

May 20/21:  Fun day at Bluejoint.  Barbecue, overnight camping and a moonlight ride

July 1:  Parade

Aug:  GF City and District Fall Fair Parade .  There will not be lawn

mower races at the fair this year.

NB:  All date listed for maintenance and club rides are tentative.  These dates will be posted on our website and will be confirmed as the date gets closer.

 Maintenance Rides – MLFNR Rec Sites:

May 13, 14 or 15

June 11, 12, or 13

July 16, 17 or 18

Aug. 11, 12, 13 or 14

Sept/. 8, 9 or 10

Oct. 1, 2 or 3


Club Rides:

March 13:  maybe Morrissey area

May 20 & 21:  Bluejoint area – moonlight ride

May 29 or 30:  Burrell to McFarland Loop

June 18, 19 or 20:  Edgewood

July 23 or 24:  Williamson Lake

Aug. 5, 6 or 7:  Bluejoint

Sept. 16, 17, or 18 or Sept 24, 25 or 26: ?

Oct. 15, 16 or 17:  Phoenix Mine

Nov.:  depends on weather

Serious Concern:
The Grand Forks ATV Club continues to work hard promoting responsible use of the environment and respect for wildlife. Morrissey Creek, Lost Lake and Nature Trust Property, all located close to Grand Forks, are great examples of areas where responsible use of the environment and respect for wildlife are happening each day. Many users stay on the trail enjoying the area while observing the many species that can be found on the southern facing slopes. This is a sensitive area receiving the benefits of early snow melt warming the soil, supporting growth of native grasses and flowers which provide the wildlife much needed sustenance.

This early spring condition unfortunately draws some that enjoy going off trails and mud bogging — activities that are very damaging to the environment and many wildlife species. You can help by staying on the trails, showing respect for the environment and wildlife, big and small, and by talking to your children and setting a good example. If you see folks succumbing to temptation, take a picture and send or drop off the information to the RCMP who have the tools to deal with offenders or call TIPS 1-844-676-8477) and RAPP 1-877-952-7277.

Access to Cascade West
There was a meeting with Ministry of Highways regarding the non-motorized designation of the Rail Trail to the west of Cascade. There needs to be an established location of where the non-motorized section starts. Doug and RDKB, Area C rep met with MOH and talked about Cascade West access and crossing Highway 3 and public dirt roads. It was agreed that we were best to start with getting legal access to the staging site at Cascade West first. The owners, RSTBC, have to apply, so a letter was sent to Mr. Trent from RSTBC asking what were the next steps. We are waiting for a reply from. RDKB, Area C sent a support letter as did MLA Larsen.

Partnering with GF Community Trails Society

Ray and Doug met with MOH to discuss staging sights along the Rails Trail as requested by GFCTS. We started with Goat Mtn. but MOH mentioned that this area was needed for their staging site. We discussed other sites. MOH felt that the Fisherman Rd. area might work. Ray and Doug went on a scouting trip and looked at several areas. One promising site was the trail head at Coalshute but GFCTS felt this site would not be best. We discussed the site where Eagle Ridge and the Rail Trail meet as the next best site. Members will talk with the neighbours to get their reactions to a staging site being placed in this location. An email will be sent to GFCTS suggesting the next best location for the staging site would be Eagle Ridge.

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